Some years ago, in a meeting, I learned that something was going awry as it pertained to a process that was being followed by a group of people I’d only met a week before. When I got back to my office, I decided to talk to the people who, I figured, would have noticed the error. As I was talking to them and asking about the error, I fully expected someone to be as incredulous as I was. Then one of them said “We don’t know anything about that sort of thing”, and the others agreed.

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I was stunned, but only for a quick moment. I had fallen into a trap, something that I try to tell others to guard against, and proved that even someone who teaches certain principles might get caught off guard. I had assumed that just because people were following a process for a very long time that they had knowledge that it turned out they didn’t have, or wouldn’t have, because they never had a reason to learn it.
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Years ago when I first got onto Facebook, I started playing one of their multiple versions of Scrabble. I met a friendly young lady and we not only started playing each other multiple times, but we started having pretty good conversations on a multitude of topics.

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At some point she told me that she had cancer and was trying some alternative treatments to overcome it. Unfortunately, they didn’t work and she ended up in hospice… which she never recovered from. I remember being pretty sad about it, even though I never met her in person. I also knew about the pain she’d been in, so when she passed away I realized that she was no longer in pain. It’s hard to see that as being a good thing… but it was.
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I love going to one of the local casinos. I love playing poker, not necessarily because I’m good at it (I’m okay most of the time) but because it’s one of the few things I do where I’m around a lot of people and having a good time.

diversity elder protection
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Most of the time the people at the table are nice and funny, and we have a lot of laughs. Unfortunately it’s not always like that. One time in particular was bad enough that I had to do something I’ve never had to do again, and made a friend for life with one of the dealers there.
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At some point your life you’ll have to deal with a hospital bill. If you’re lucky it’ll be for an outpatient service like lab work or an x-ray instead of needing surgery or being an inpatient.

hospital bills
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Hopefully you’ll have insurance to take care of the bulk of the bill, no matter what it is. Whether you do or not, there are some options you have that can help you pay your bill and possibly even get it taken care of without any out of pocket money. You have to be willing to work with the people at the hospital, and you might have to do a few uncomfortable things, but it can help to relieve some of the tension associated with health care costs.
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Some years ago I found myself having what turned out to be an interesting and illuminating conversation with a couple of millennials on Twitter. It turned out to be this way because it started out badly but ended well.

Modern business: Brainstorming
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One of my online friends shared a link to something where I’d heard the term bandied about but had no idea what it meant. The term was “gamergate”, and overall it involved the issue of whether some video game reviewers were being paid or given other favors to write positive stories about their games.
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