I spend a lot of time telling people that they need to have trust and faith in themselves if they want to succeed in life. I also tell people that if they believe in themselves then it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say; go out and give it a shot.

While I still believe that, I feel the need to temper it a little bit because sometimes things aren’t that cut and dry. Everyone doesn’t have the proper judgment in determining whether or not what they’re doing is legitimate and reachable. If you’re doing things that are detrimental to your betterment, or in no way truly reachable, no matter what it is, then it’s probably time to listen to what others are saying.
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No one in health care will ever deny that there are high costs associated with it. Some of them are unavoidable; employees, utilities, etc.

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With that said, there are a lot of things that could be done to standardize processes or figuring out how to work more efficiently to save on those costs. It’s not always the providers fault, though. Sometimes because of state and federal regulations, insurance company issues and, yes, patients, maintaining the cost of health care is more difficult than it needs to be.
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I remember going to a sales training seminar years ago at a company called Sandler Training, located here in the Syracuse, NY area. The owner at the time, a great man named Pete Morrissey, allowed me to take free training classes because I went to high school with two of her daughters… and because he took pity on me. 🙂

Teaching is listening, learning is talking
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The presentation was about finding the pain points of prospects, but at one point he was telling us the story about a prospect that he’d made a proposal to. He’d spent a lot of time setting things up before the presentation, and had thought it was a done deal before, then after, he’d met the potential client. They called him a week later and said they were going to try to obtain a couple other proposals first before making a decision.
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Last weekend, while sitting at a poker table, I was one seat away from an older gentleman who I’ve played poker with in the past. At some point the topic got around to health care, and this gentleman complained that he’d had an aneurysm, spend only one night in the hospital, and the bill came to around $39,000. I told him he was lucky on many fronts, and that a bill that low was actually pretty lucky.

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I find that there are misconceptions about health care and the fees that, in some cases, aren’t in line with reality. In other cases I fully comprehend the distress of patients. In this instance I had to take the hospital’s side.
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I’ve always wanted to be some kind of writer. When I was young, as in 12 years old, I started writing both a book of poetry and little mini plays based loosely on Star Trek, along with another friend of mine. When I got to college, I continued writing poetry, but I also started writing music and song lyrics, journaling every year I was a student, as well as taking a shot at composition.

Starting to write
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After I graduated college, I continued writing music, lyrics and journaling, and I started trying to write a novel… that I never finished. I started 3 stories, but I’ve never made it through the first third of any of them.
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