Some years ago an online friend of mine talked about having gone to the gym. While there, this guy came in wearing very strong cologne. She said it made her gag and that she didn’t understand why he was wearing so much.

I Can BEE Empathetic
Enokson via Compfight

I knew the answer, even if I’d never gone that far with it. Sometimes with guys there’s this conundrum where we know we’re going to work out but might not be the freshest we can be. We’re not in the mood at that moment to clean up, let alone shower, before we head to a place where we’re going to sweat even more. So, sometimes we try to do what was done back in the Renaissance period… cover it up with some kind of perfume.
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Anybody can learn anything right? Actually, no. It’s not even close to the truth.

For instance, as much as I’ve tried over the years I just can’t absorb anything much about cars. I like how some of them look and I love the colors. I sometimes like the interiors. But if it involves engines or anything under the hood, my mind’s not taking it in. I don’t even know where the oil goes; yeah, I know, it’s a shame.


This means I’ll never put in to do any kind of work in the automobile industry. Everything isn’t for everyone.
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I like to go to the local casino, even if it’s about 40 minutes away. My game is no-limit poker, but I’m not close to a card shark. I also don’t like to lose a lot of money if I’m not playing well, so I play the game that cost the least amount at the start.

white dogs
zen Sutherland
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I got a seat at a table immediately and had a pretty good time for a few hours; only pretty good though. That’s because there was a guy to my left who had problems controlling his temper. To say he wasn’t having a good day would be an understatement. He was mainly losing to two guys who were, for the most part, dominating the table. When I sat down he warned me about the luck of these two guys; that’s a rare occurrence because people rarely point out someone they’re having problems with.
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I was having a conversation with one of my local Twitter friends on the subject of groups that specifically exclude others. In this case it’s a local women’s business support group that excludes men for the most part, but will every once in a while vote to allow a male in.

feeling excluded

His belief was that type of exclusionary group isn’t fair because what if the group was all men and the group stated that in public. He cited many debates and arguments from minorities and women on the same subject as it pertained to white men and all the complaints that came up. Wasn’t this the same thing?
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Years ago I was reading a local blog where the writer was referencing an article from Raleigh, NC, comparing the city of Syracuse with the city of Raleigh. Raleigh ranks higher than Syracuse in many areas as far as cities go and to many seemed to have a lot more things of interest than central New York did. Yet the writer of the article found that Syracuse had something it lacks, that being an area of downtown that has a vibrancy, a mix of restaurants and nightclubs and luxury apartments, and wishes it had the same; we call it Armory Square, and it’s a pretty fantastic area.

Armory Square

I found it all intriguing because it reminds me of how some employees at times look at what someone else has, perceives they’re lacking something because of what they “know”, when, if compared to someone else in all areas, they’re probably close to the same thing, if not better.
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