Medical billing and medical coding jobs and careers are easy to start, but hard to find work in. For medical billing, it’s hard to get started because physicians already have someone doing their billing for them. For medical coding, entities are often reluctant to bring on someone with no experience. For both, the training and learning curve is harder and the information more voluminous than most people realize.

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One of the major problems in deciding to do work like this on your own is that no one wants to trust someone without any real billing or coding experience to do work for them. Both of these are harder to do than people who haven’t done it realize. Going to a billing course or coding clinic isn’t enough to make you an expert; both of these careers takes some expertise, practice and a long learning curve. It’s not necessarily easier if you’re working for a hospital, but you at least get the opportunity for more consistent training.
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Sometimes the lessons leaders need to learn come from comedy. In this case I’m reminded of a skit that was on Saturday Night Live in the 80’s.

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In this particular skit, the priest went to see the mother superior because he’d been troubled by the behavior of some of the nuns recently. What he realized is that this particular mother superior, played by Mary Gross, had a very sarcastic mouth, and thus she would have these very sarcastic responses to questions the other nuns asked her and they’d go out and act on them.
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There was an ad for an anti-perspirant from a couple of decades ago with the slogan “never let them see you sweat”. It promised to keep you dry during those tense moments when you start sweating under your arms during stressful times, though it had a humorous bent to it.

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There’s nothing more powerful than being confident. When you’re confident you do your best work. When you’re confident people respond to you in the most positive ways. Confidence is infectious if it’s genuine.
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Every once in a while you have to decide whether it’s prudent to continue a battle or pull back and drop out of one. The word “battle” may be a bit strong, but it’s all in how you see things.

I’d like to start out with a video, if I may; for once it’s not one of mine:

I had this video on my blog over 13 years ago. I thought, and still feel, it was a moving and inspirational video. It’s a short video with a great point, and I thought my visitors would enjoy it.
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Some years ago an online friend of mine talked about having gone to the gym. While there, this guy came in wearing very strong cologne. She said it made her gag and that she didn’t understand why he was wearing so much.

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I knew the answer, even if I’d never gone that far with it. Sometimes with guys there’s this conundrum where we know we’re going to work out but might not be the freshest we can be. We’re not in the mood at that moment to clean up, let alone shower, before we head to a place where we’re going to sweat even more. So, sometimes we try to do what was done back in the Renaissance period… cover it up with some kind of perfume.
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