I like to go to the local casino, even if it’s about 45 minutes away. My game is no-limit poker, but I’m not close to a card shark. I also don’t like to lose a lot of money if I’m not playing well, so I play the game that cost the least amount at the start. I got a seat at a table immediately and had a pretty good time for a few hours; only pretty good though.

white dogs
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That’s because there was a guy to my left who had problems controlling his temper. To say he wasn’t having a good day would be an understatement. He was mainly losing to two guys who were, for the most part, dominating the table. When I sat down he warned me about the luck of these two guys; that’s a rare occurrence.
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I’ve been told that I’m a strange kind of consultant and businessman. The reason some people say that is because I have a certain level of decorum that I expect people I’m going to work with to adhere to. It’s not anything hard like watching their language, or dressing a certain way. As a matter of fact, this one thing should be such a minor thing that I can’t figure out why people can’t do it.

shocking truth

That one thing? Following through on what you tell someone you’re going to do. That’s it; expecting people to do what they say they were going to do. How hard is that?
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Some years ago I had to “pull rank” on someone who was working in a physician’s billing office. Someone kept calling my mother and telling her that she had to contact an insurance carrier on the physician’s behalf because the insurance carrier was incorrectly paying on my mother’s account. The major problem was that Mom had told them not to bill this particular insurance but they did it anyway. Her account was being overpaid; the issue wasn’t Mom’s, but theirs.

Mom got frustrated after the second call and called me. I was irritated because Mom had difficulties with the same office regarding a previous bill and I’d had to contact them to resolve the issue… more than once. So I wasn’t feeling a lot of love for any of them. I got the phone number from Mom and gave these people a call.
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I remember reading an article in Discover Magazine years ago where there was a story on brain patterns and the speed of thinking. The person who the story was about, Dr. Antonio Damasio (department head of neurology at the University of Iowa at the time), made some interesting statements that worked to explain how people thought about things in intense moments.

make better leadership decisions
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One of those statements was that emotions turn out to be essential to our rational decision making processes. He stated:

“If we didn’t have those gut responses, we’d get caught in an endless cycle of analysis, drawing infinite pros and cons lists in our heads… emotions help you concentrate on making the right decision.”
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There are two movies that I can watch over and over. They are Armageddon and Independence Day. I don’t care what critics might think of each of these; they’re two of my favorites. Each one is a science fiction movie where the overall theme is that a central or main character has to take on a special act of courage in order to save the Earth from destruction by some sort of outside force.

The Likes of Whom The People Had Never Seen Before.  Beguiled and Deceived, The Masses Followed Him
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In each movie, the pivotal character is a father that has to make a very critical decision; do they keep their word to their family members, or do they do the brave and, ultimately, correct thing for both their family members and humanity. Of course each character does what they have to do, and the Earth is saved; one dies, one survives.
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