Every person who works with hospital bills know something about revenue codes. Many have at least a basic concept of what revenue codes are supposed to be; unfortunately that’s about as far as it goes. Scarier yet, some people have only heard the term. It would seem that it’s time someone addressed revenue codes in more detail, yet in simpler terms.

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Revenue codes are used to classify what you’re billing for. They’re used for variety of reasons including:

* Type of room a patient may be in

* Type of services that are being performed

* Type of service that might be performed

* Type of supplies or pharmaceuticals that might be given to a patient
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As a health care revenue cycle consultant, I don’t consider myself a hospital advocate, a patient advocate, or even a health care advocate. I take on each of those roles from time to time, but I actually consider myself an information advocate. I try to remain fair and balanced while giving out information that’s true (or at least should be), no matter which way it goes.

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There are lots of stories on TV and in newspapers and magazines that paint this picture of evil hospitals and their billing practices. I’m here to tell you that most of the time it has nothing to do with billing, so get that one out of your mind. These practices that are considered evil are nothing of the sort; most of the time anyway. They follow standard business practices, and I say some because, unfortunately, health care is a much different animal than other businesses.
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Everyone has had to get a prescription drug at some point. Whether it’s first run or generic, the costs of pharmaceuticals are pretty high. Without insurance of some kind, at some point you’d never be able to afford the medication you need to take for your health.

Many people lament the cost of these things; I understand why, but I’m not one of those people. I’m not because I know what goes into it, and frankly, I think we’re probably safer, even if the costs can end up being astronomical. I’m going to give the basics of how it all works.
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People dump all over health care when it comes to pricing and billing. Truth be told, the process of capturing charges should be easy… but it’s not. The process of telling patients how much they might owe on their medical bill should be relatively easy… but it’s not.

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It’s relatively easy for someone to find this information and process it, but with all the people that come through, the number of charges there are to select from, and the constant changes that are often not reviewed by anyone, the process can get pretty complicated. Maybe not as much for physicians offices, and yet they don’t always get things correct either. Trust me, I know; I went through this earlier today trying to get pricing and codes about possible procedures for my eye exam later this month.
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I’ve written over 1,400 articles on this blog over the course of more than 14 years; next month it’ll be 15 years. Over the years, I’ve written in a lot of different categories, but over a third of the articles have been on leadership. My next highest concerns diversity; I’m always interested in talking about that.

However, over all the years I’ve been self employed, I’ve overwhelmingly generated most of my income from health care. You’d think I’d have talked about it here more often, but not counting this one I’ve only had 101 articles on that topic on the blog. On my actual website, where I have articles, they’re overwhelmingly about health care finance. In reality, I’ve written more articles about health care, but I’ve put them elsewhere over the last almost 5 years.
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