Many years ago I was at dinner out of town with a few other consultants I was working with. Somehow the conversation came around to 3 high profile court cases that were being talked about at the time in California: O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Robert Blake, the latter two going through current cases at the time, as Simpson’s had ended in 1995.

innocent until proven guilty
Do we look guilty?

The two ladies, both white, were emphatic in believing the guilt of all of them. They both also said that they believe the U.S. system of law should be that people are guilty if arrested, and it should be up to the arrested person to prove their innocence. The one other male, Latino, didn’t want to offer an opinion at all, except to say he could see it both ways. I, being the black male, felt that each person was absolutely innocent based on shoddy evidence, the way the police did their investigation, and of course some of the witnesses brought in by the prosecution. I also stated that the 5th amendment of the Constitution got it right; “innocent until proven guilty“.
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Happy Anniversary to me! Today marks 19 years of being self employed. The last few years haven’t been as great as the previous years were because I’m now also the sole caregiver for my mother, who has dementia. Still, I’m plugging away and still get a contract or two here and there, so something must be working… I wonder…

Whenever I do an anniversary post or video, I tackle a particular subject that’s either to offer tips on how to do particular areas of business or one of the types of service I offer. This time around I’m going to tackle promotion and branding because I see a lot of self employed people who aren’t really doing it all that much. They’re either doing little or getting on people’s nerves; that won’t do, will it?
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I always hear about the horrors of assuming things. Everyone has heard the phrase about assuming makes an ass out of you and me. In general, I can’t disagree with that statement because we should always be as sure as possible about things in our lives.

assumed good cake
assumed this would be good;
it was

Yet, we all assume every single day. We assume when we wake up that we’re going to get out of bed. We assume when we take our shower that we’re not going to ingest water into our lungs. We assume while we’re driving to work, or wherever, that the drivers in front of us aren’t going to stop suddenly and that the drivers coming up behind us are paying attention to our presence.
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Tough title; I know. It needed to be because I need everyone’s attention as I tell a couple of tales and then try my best to offer a little bit of advice to those who say “I’m not racist”, “I don’t see color”, or “I don’t know what to do to help”… or something along those lines.

racial diversity
by Gerd Altmann
from Pixabay

Truth be told, in many ways I’ve been lucky throughout most of my business life and career. I’ve suffered few direct racial slights, luckily because I was good at what I did. Yet, I didn’t get out unscathed, and even now, as a consultant, it’s harder for me to get individual contracts than my non-black consultants.
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There are a lot of jobs that have been eliminated that just aren’t coming back. Manufacturing in America is dwindling, and there’s not going to be a renaissance for that either. We can’t compete with the pay rates that countries such as India and China are willing to accept. That, and not having to deal with unions, will kill large manufacturing in America. And let’s not get into the mess that the coronavirus pandemic has unleashed on our economy.

I’m a consultant

Everyone isn’t suited to work manual, low paying jobs; many people are overqualified and won’t get a second look from potential employers. Some of us are older and physically can’t handle stocking shelves for long periods of time, or standing for a long time; our backs and knees can’t take it. Some people might be able to do it, but not everyone. This isn’t demeaning the work that anyone does; it just proves that everyone is needed in the workforce, no matter what the job is, but sometimes those who can handle physical work will be preferred over those with a different skillset.
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