Since this is a business blog, it seems to make sense to have a comment policy. I certainly don't want to stifle great conversation, but I do need to set some boundaries that I might not set elsewhere. I hope you understand my motivation for doing this, but if not, it's still the policy.

First, you have to use a real name. You can come up with a nickname if you'd like, but that's what you'll be known by. If it's a keyword name, I will delete it, unless you use a regular name first.

Second, if you don't add a URL link to your post in the proper area, and I don't know who you are, I will send you an email to confirm that you're a real person. Strange as it might seem, spam bots can post with real names but fake email addresses and without a URL link. If I don't get a response within 24 hours, I will remove the comment. This isn't only because of spam. It's also because there are people who don't care what you write about; they just want to be a disruptive force and move on. If someone wants to do a drive by slam and then removes themselves from being able to be contacted for whatever their reasons might be, I or my reasons don't have to deal with it.

Third, there must be a certain amount of decorum here. No bad language, no personal attacks, and we must try to stay on point. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

And fourth, unless you've left good comments previously, I'm probably deleting short, one line comments. This isn't the place to try to increase your backlinks. All I ask for is a little bit of contribution to the discussion.

That's about it. I hope it doesn't get in the way of discourse; I guess we'll find out.