Some time ago, a friend of mine shared an update that someone had posted on LinkedIn. It was a picture of her and 5 other young women at their company Christmas party, wearing dresses that they would probably wear out to a club. Two of the dresses could have been considered pretty revealing, while the […]

Last week I led a presentation for my consultant’s group entitled Public Professionalism & Social Media. The overall discussion was about business people, whether they’re working for themselves or for someone else, needing to control their language as well as what and how they say things, even if it’s something they truly believe in, if […]

Last week I was on LinkedIn for a short visit and decided to click on the Home link to see what some of the folks I’m connected to were sharing. For those who’ve never been to LinkedIn it’s for people who hope to do business with others that might have online profiles and, in my […]

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to elevate my presence on social media. I’ve been doing it in two ways. One way is through Twitter, where I’ve been sharing a lot of articles from this blog and some of my other blogs over and over. I’ve tried to pick what I consider are […]

A short post but not necessarily a short video. Actually, it comes in around 8 minutes, but I felt the topic would carry more weight if I spoke rather than wrote about it. Unfortunately, based on my premise in the video I’m not expecting this one to be seen by all that many people but […]