Let's face this reality; in the past 15 years, life has been tough financially, first because of the struggling economy and then because of Covid. Both of these crossed boundaries that at least half of the country had to deal with. Unemployment was high regarding the first, while a pandemic regarded the second. Some people were out of work for a very long time; even now, some haven't fully recovered from the pandemic issues. Things like that will put a strain on anyone.

Gave someone money to make giant circles
in my backyard; don't ask lol

It's hard for people to maintain their sense of themselves when a lack of money comes into the picture; trust me, I know. There's a website called Fiverr that lets people bid on jobs to do almost anything for just $5 (I'm charging more than $5 lol). Some of the things people are asked to do border or the unethical and insane; that's just how it is.

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Everyone knows this common phrase: “There are two sides to every story”. I doubt that most of us would disagree with that statement. However, in thinking about it, just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s fully accurate. Who looks innocent here? I remember once, there was this horrible news story about an incident in Texas […]

I totally missed that I’d just passed a career milestone; 22 years as a consultant in health care and other things I’ve marketed over the years. I don’t put this out here because I’m trying to brag; I put it out here because of how the landscape has changed during the period of time when […]

Decades ago, when I was a director at different hospitals, I had a style that worked well for me most of the time. My style was a mix of hands on and hands off. In other words, I took time to make sure everyone was trained, gave them lots of information and training, and worked […]

There’s one major reality in life. None of us wants to be seen as less than what we might be in any form. Sure, sometimes we come to grips with certain things that just aren’t going to happen. For instance, I’m never going to be able to dunk a basketball. I’m never walking into a […]