I’m often asked what I do for business. I answer that differently depending upon who I’m talking to. If I’m talking to people in health care, I mentioned that I’m a health care finance consultant. If I’m talking to people who work in large organizations, mentioned that I am a leadership and diversity presenter and trainer. When I talked to the general public I mention that I write, blog, and talk a lot about social media.

learning and educating

I mention different things to different people because I try to ascertain what the person I’m speaking to might be most interested in. If I’m talking to someone who owns a pizza shop, they’re probably not going to care that I work in health care or leadership, but social media might be something they’re interested in because they may be thinking about doing an online campaign. If I’m talking to people in health care, I never talk about writing or blogging because I know they couldn’t care less.
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My wife and I both do the dishes; not at the same time but we alternate here and there. Our goal and outcome is the same, but the way we get there is totally different.

The first thing is that my wife uses washcloths to clean the dishes. I use a brush because I don’t like touching things all that often.

The second thing is that she washes multiple utensils at the same time, whereas I wash each utensil separately.
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My high school chemistry classroom had this plaque on the wall with an inscription that said: “You don’t go to school to learn anything except how to think.” I thought it was a strange thing to contemplate at the time because my mind said “no, we go to school to learn everything we can so we can get good jobs after we graduate from college.

duy_ittn / Pixabay

Strangely enough, I wasn’t sure I believed that my first thought was all that true. I started out as a broadcasting major in college and changed majors after my first semester. Over the course of that first semester, I remember thinking that out of all the majors that the college was teaching at the time, there weren’t many where one got out of college and could actually get a job in that profession. There were a couple for sure, but the rest would either take a masters degree or a lot of effort and luck to make a career out of the rest of them.
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Do you know what a filibuster is? A filibuster is a congressional tactic where a senator can basically talk for as long as possible to try to either get people to change their position on a subject or hold up voting on a measure. The longest filibuster in history was around 30 hours; that’s pretty impressive.

Moses, Ivan Mestrovic
Syracuse University

Sometimes it works because the senators don’t need a lot of people to change their minds. They don’t always work, but sometimes they will make someone else think more about their position.
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A few days a week a woman comes to the house to sit with Mom for a couple of hours so I can get out of the house. I almost always go to the same restaurant for breakfast because it’s relatively close, they know me there and they have the best grilled raisin bread in town.

ebullient_av / Pixabay

A couple of days ago I was there when the young guy came in with his baby son, who might have been just over a year old. They sat in the booth in front of me and were facing me, so I got to keep looking over at them as I enjoyed my breakfast. I tend to love looking at children, so this wasn’t upsetting me.
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