I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot of young musicians these days; my mind’s still stuck in the 70’s and 80’s, the first when I would have still been considered a young person and the second a young adult. It takes a pretty big name (sometimes lol) for me to know who someone is, let alone impress me.

Not Taylor Swift

I’m going to assume that the majority of people who read this will know who Taylor Swift is. She’s one of the top musical artists in the world today. She’s #2 in record sales (if they still call them that) for artists under the age of 30; that’s pretty heady stuff. I can’t say I love everything she puts out, but there’s a lot of it I like.
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Years ago I was having an email conversation with a friend of mine. The topic of discussion was success, or lack thereof. It morphed into why neither one of us was rich, which then led to these two questions: why do we sabotage ourselves; what is it that holds us back?


I needed time to think about my response. I did so because I felt this topic deserved some serious thought. I hadn’t thought much about the concept of sabotage and success until the question came up, and I had to think about it in terms of myself and others.
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Every once in a while, I’ve needed to listen to who I call the “big loud guy”.  Most of the time it really is a big loud guy, bigger than I am in most cases (and I’m not small) and louder than me. That’s going a long way because I’ve been told that I can be a big loud guy. When I was an employee, even in leadership positions, I always seemed to have a specific type of ally, someone who was larger than life, self assured, and was always there for me… and it was almost always a big loud guy.

Big Loud Cow

The big loud guy hasn’t always been male; matter of fact, my first big loud guy was a woman. 🙂 The big loud guy doesn’t have to be big or a guy obviously, but loud is definitely part of the job description. The thing about the “big loud guy” is about how they come across to others. To some they can seem intimidating; to others, they’re big pussycats.
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I was having a conversation with one of my local Twitter friends on the subject of groups that specifically exclude others. In this case it’s a local women’s business support group that excludes men for the most part, but will every once in a while vote to allow a male in.

feeling excluded

His belief was that type of exclusionary group isn’t fair because what if the group was all men and the group stated that in public. He cited many debates and arguments from minorities and women on the same subject as it pertained to white men and all the complaints that came up. Wasn’t this the same thing?
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It’s been just over a week when Google fired one of their engineers, who decided to write a 10-page manifesto and sent it out to employees of the company. In the manifesto, he stated some of his opinions on the diversity initiatives the company was trying to put through, decided to add that women were biologically inferior when it came to coding and a lot of other things I’ve decided I’m not interested in. He closed the letter by saying he was expressing his free speech, and just because it didn’t totally match up with Google’s initiatives that it shouldn’t mean he should lose his job over it.

My initial response when I read the story early on was that it could prove to be a starting point towards a larger conversation. That was based only on the news story, since the original letter hadn’t been shared yet. Over time, I did read the letter, read a couple of the responses, and changed my mind.
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