Health Care

Years ago I was reading HealthLeaders Magazine, where they were talking about all the different things hospitals across the country are trying to do to make the hospital experience better for patients. Some of the things were pretty good while others were more for the benefit of the hospital than the patient, no matter how […]

Hospitals have two main problems when it comes to finances. One is revenue, as in they’re not generating enough, and the second is receivables, as in they’re not collecting enough on the revenue so they can pay bills and buy other stuff. Every hospital has a charge master. A charge master is a full listing […]

It’s been about 5 months since I began writing my series of posts on Revenue Cycle and what consultants work on regarding those areas. The first post introduced the 4 specific areas of revenue cycle, while the second article dug deeper into what the areas concerning revenue cycle actually did. It might help some of […]

In my first post about what a revenue cycle consultant does a few weeks ago I introduced the 4 major areas of the revenue cycle of medical entities. This time around I’m going into a bit more depth which I know will not only educate those outside of health care but inside as well… though […]

In February I gave a talk to students at Syracuse University that was hosted by one of their sororities titled “Health Care Diversity And It’s Affects On The Minority Community”. Although that talk went very well and was well received, the funny thing was that’s not the original presentation I put together for it. Jason […]

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