Last Friday my mother passed away. I was sitting with her when it happened. She hadn’t been well since she came home a month ago, so I did the best I could to make her comfortable until the event happen. I’ll miss my mother greatly, but that doesn’t mean I’ll forget some of the lessons […]

Today would have been my dad and his twin brother’s 85th birthday if both were alive. I think about Dad often, but the times I really think about him are the day he passed away and the date he was born. I always have good memories of him, and the leadership lessons I learned just […]

Just over 3 1/2 years ago I wrote a post telling some people in leadership that gang leaders are better than them. It was quite the controversial post, even though no one could go against the premise the way I laid it out. Dennis Candy via Compfight This time around I’m laying out the reason […]

I have no shame. 🙂 Today’s post is kind of a retread of a post I wrote back in 2013 titled Keys To Leadership Points Redux, which was kind of a follow up to an original post I wrote in 2010 titled Keys To Leadership. The first post was about my seminar series, which is […]

Last night I was part of a get together of local bloggers. I’ve been to this type of thing before, but this was the first I’ve been to that I put together. We hadn’t done this in a long time, as some of the original organizers have moved on to other things that take up […]

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