All of the Star Trek incarnations lead to being my favorite TV show of all time. That I’ve never written a total leadership post about it makes me want to smack myself in the face. I wrote an articles saying we aren’t the Borg, and I was inspired to write a post on ethics after […]

For two decades I’ve worked with hospitals and their revenue cycle issues as an independent consultant. Before that I worked as an employee in hospitals, physician billing companies and a FQHC. I’ve been in health care almost 40 years (man, I’m old!). The people I talk to (or try to talk with) at the C-suite […]

This is a repurposed article from 2012. It’s already over 2200 words, and I’m adding a few more. It was popular when released, and I feel it deserves a refresh. A few of the comments from back then have been kept because their websites and insights were good. Stuart Williams via Compfight I don’t know […]

Last Friday my mother passed away. I was sitting with her when it happened. She hadn’t been well since she came home a month ago, so I did the best I could to make her comfortable until the event happen. I’ll miss my mother greatly, but that doesn’t mean I’ll forget some of the lessons […]

Today would have been my dad and his twin brother’s 85th birthday if both were alive. I think about Dad often, but the times I really think about him are the day he passed away and the date he was born. I always have good memories of him, and the leadership lessons I learned just […]