Sometimes you end up working with someone whose personality makes you wonder if they ever have a good time. You never see them smile, you never hear them say anything that borders on nice, or they rarely look you in the eye. When you talk to them on the phone, it seems as though they […]

Hopefully by now a lot of people know about my book Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy. It’s a compilation of articles and stories on leadership that I believe can help people understand leadership concepts without hammering them over the head. I decided to share one of those articles here just to give y’all a taste of what […]

This is part four of my series on Understanding the 21st Century Workforce, which was followed by the first and second part of Do’s and Dont’s. Let’s jump right in on the third and final part of Do’s and Dont’s; I’ll try not to make it overly long. Do offer challenges and education for your […]

Keeping with my two minutes theme, I know I normally write about leadership here. This time I’m writing directly to employees, new employees in fact. These tips are good for any employee, but new employees really need to check this out because going into a new situation with the proper mindset could help things go […]

Last week I wrote a post titled It’s Okay NOT To Be A Leader. In that post, I mentioned that even if you decide not to be a leader, it doesn’t mean that you do everything the leader tells you to do just because you’ve decided to be a follower. This is a follow up […]