My first article of the year is on the topic of health care revenue cycle and what consultants work on regarding those areas. In the past I touched upon 4 specific areas of revenue cycle and areas concerning revenue cycle. It might help some of you to go back and review those articles before reading the rest of this post. There are others of course, but these work best with this article.

Let’s look at some of the biggest concerns that revenue cycle consultants run into when working with these areas. These aren’t necessarily the biggest issues hospitals are having at the time they reach out to consultants, but the biggest issues consultants find and try to work with their clients on.
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Today would have been Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday; we’re all probably lucky not to see that, but his music lives on forever. I wrote about Beethoven on his 245th birthday, and to this day it’s still a popular article; I find that intriguing.

hero worship
Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven was the first musician to realize his power and authority. While other musicians and composers worked for the rich and powerful, mainly lords and such, Beethoven was totally independent. He knew his music was great and that people clamored for it, and he made a lot of money doing it his way. It wasn’t always as honest as we’d like it to have been (he sold the same works to multiple publishers lol), but he set the standards that got modified over time.
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Some years ago I was at a health care conference in New Orleans. During one of the free periods where we could mingle with each other and look at what the vendors had to offer, I saw the organization’s outgoing president standing by herself for a moment and went over to talk to her.

3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept
Scott Maxwell via Compfight

I told her that out of the almost 14 years at the time, that I’d been going to things like this, along with board meetings (I’d been a local chapter president most of those years) that she and one other president were the only people who ever made me feel like I was a regular person and deserved to be treated well. Not that anyone ever treated me badly per se, but no one ever really talked to me at all, which always gave me the impression that they thought they were better than me, or that I wasn’t really worth their time.
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I follow a lot of blogs, and I take a look at many others. One of the topics I cover on this blog, often obviously, is leadership. I’m big on leadership; without good leaders, everything goes to pot.

I check in on leadership blogs here and there, as well as read about leadership topics that pop up on other websites. The problem I see way too often if that there’s three things lacking. It could just be me, but I see:

1. No personality

2. No passion

3. No stories.
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“What I’m worth is the value I’m bringing to you right now.” James Altucher

The quote above was made in reference to a seminar Mr. Altucher was participating in when asked how much money he was worth. It’s always amazing to me that people feel free to ask others how much money they’re making when they believe someone is wealthy (this guy is), but if they were asked the same question they’d be all over the questioner about invading their privacy.

Bianca Casimes
via Compfight

I’ve talked about the subject of value 96 times on this blog over the years. Sometimes it was regarding monetary things, sometimes about personal values, and of course a business and personal lesson on values I got from my dad when I was first in business for myself.
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