Some time ago, a friend of mine shared an update that someone had posted on LinkedIn. It was a picture of her and 5 other young women at their company Christmas party, wearing dresses that they would probably wear out to a club. Two of the dresses could have been considered pretty revealing, while the […]

Some time ago I received a call from someone who said they’d like to talk to me about maybe doing some work with them; I like calls like that. As we started discussing things, I started wondering if I was speaking to someone who actually knew what he was talking about. The way the questions […]

(originally published October 1st, 2005) I may have mentioned before that I participate in an online networking group called Ryze. Earlier today, I was reading a message to one group where the person, a website designer, was being asked by her client to set up the page so that people could sign up membership, but […]