Every Monday is another beginning, another change to say it’s time to look at all the “clutter” that’s patient accounting and clean some of it up. These are the types of thing that should probably occur throughout the year, but most people either don’t have the time or the reason for making some steps towards […]

Yesterday I was at a meeting of a group called Mid York Medical Accounts Management Association, affiliated with a national group called AAHAM; I’m president of the local chapter. The meeting concerned talking about New York state Medicaid and many of the issues regarding proper billing and coding of claims. At lunch there was myself, […]

In my last post, I said that I was in favor of the health care bill. Last night the health care bill was passed by the House of Representatives, and at this moment it looks like it’s a done deal. I say it that way because word is that Senate Republicans area ready to introduce […]

A couple of days ago, I presented for the first hour of a meeting for the Mid York Medical Accounts Management Association, of which I’m a board member and 2-time president. Once I was finished, our second presenter, from the New York State Insurance Department, and was going to talk about no fault billing. About […]

First, the latest T. T. Mitchell Consulting Newsletter, Credibility, and the latest Healthcare Newsletter, Three Things, are now available. cobalt123 via Compfight Because I’m in health care, I’ve been reading a lot of things lately that talk about how health care is going to take a tumble in these bad economic days, and how many […]

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