It’s Black History Month once more, and I’m late into the month before writing anything about it. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I wanted to start the month with a post on the subject as I did last year when I listed all my previous posts on the subject while writing anew on the topic, but […]

It’s Black History Month 2012 style, and this year I’m doing things a little bit different. In previous year’s posts I’ve talked about why the month is still needed and asked some questions that, frankly, were downers. This years I’m going to change some things up, as well as highlight the past. via Flickr First, […]

I’ve been writing this blog since early 2005. Actually, it could be older than that, but I’m going with 2005 for now. I’m on the verge of hitting 800 posts, which isn’t bad but seems a little lame when I compare it to one of my other blogs. But the most important thing is that […]

Yup, we’re near the end of another Black History Month. I haven’t heard much about the month locally or pretty much anywhere else. However, TV always seems to produce some pretty good things, and I’m not talking about ESPN’s Content of Character series, which they actually ran in January. I watched many perspective of black […]

It’s Black History Month once again, and what’s strange is that I don’t think I’ve heard anything about it other than when ESPN was doing its presentation a couple of weeks ago, and that was still in January. I feel so out of it these days, and I’m not thinking that’s a good thing. So […]

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