Last week I was on LinkedIn for a short visit and decided to click on the Home link to see what some of the folks I’m connected to were sharing. For those who’ve never been to LinkedIn it’s for people who hope to do business with others that might have online profiles and, in my […]

Last night I was made aware of recent comments by the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. He was talking about the Donald Sterling situation, the present owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who may be forced to sell his team for racial statements about black people and, specifically, Magic Johnson. His positions were […]

On the heels of my previous post talking about criticism, I came across this editorial of something I hadn’t even know had happened, but once I read it my first thought was “of course it happened, and of course it was Joan Rivers”. Danny Hammontree via Compfight It was classic Joan Rivers, making an off […]

Below is a video on the above topic, but I wanted to talk about the genesis of the topic. What happened is that someone on Facebook put up a video with the disclaimer that she wanted to see what people thought about it. I knew what was coming but decided to watch it with my […]

Last week there were some spontaneous protests in San Francisco surrounding the BART system. Someone there surmised that protesters were mobilizing themselves by using their cell phones and decided to turn off access to their signal. This generated claims of censorship, with many people saying their freedom of speech rights were being violated. It seems […]