Over the past few months I've been trying to elevate my presence on social media. I've been doing it in two ways.

One way is through Twitter, where I've been sharing a lot of articles from this blog and some of my other blogs over and over. I've tried to pick what I consider are the best of the best.


The other way is by posting quotes from blog posts of mine. I started from the earliest posts, which began in 2005, and I'm through the middle of 2009. I only go back to find more every couple of weeks or so, which means I'm posting the same quotes multiple times. However, like the blog posts, I have so many that even though I post them more than once, it probably takes at least a week before I'll repeat a quote.

Overall it's been a pretty positive experience. I've had more people reading my blog posts and wanting to connect with me on Twitter. That's pretty cool; that it hasn't translated into more comments has been interesting, but there are some folks who just aren't going to comment on blogs.

However, all isn't perfect. What I've found here and there are people who want to debate a quote. Most of the time it's a motivational quote; that's kind of strange to me.

I could see having a debate on a political issue. Actually, I have a few quotes that touch upon diversity issues. Those I would be prepared to discuss with someone; I always feel there's never enough discussion about race.

But motivation? I mean, does a quote like "I like to believe that all of us have the potential to be great, do great, live great, and feel great" really seem like one that people wouldn't like, or that someone couldn't feel good about?

That one hasn't had any negative responses but others like it have. Initially I thought that maybe I was missing the point of my own quote, or maybe I wasn't thinking it through enough. Maybe I was off base in some fashion.

However, other people were sharing and favoring those quotes, and they seemed fine from my perspective.

What I finally realized is that not everyone wants to be motivated. I should have come to this realization much earlier than I did because it's happened to me before.

Inspire me, please!
Dustin Gaffke via Compfight

I'm one of those people who likes trying to make others feel good when I can. Even when I'm in leadership mode and have had to counsel someone I never tried to break them down or crush their spirit. What use would anyone be to me or the organization if I did that?

Yet, there are some people who don't want that. And when they don't want it they'll tell you in much harsher terms than you're expecting. I have a rule that I don't give advice unless I'm asked and I stick by that, but trying to make someone feel better when they're down? If it's something very serious like issues with a family member I know that's not the time to try to motivate anyone but other times?

What does one do in those types of situations?

I go by two other rules. Both of them are based on lines from movies; yeah, I can be goofy sometimes.

The first comes from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, where Mr. Spock says "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

The second comes from Airplane where this lady, Barbara Billingsly, who famously played the mother on Leave It To Beaver, says to herself while walking away from a situation "Chump don' want no help, chump don't GET da help!" lol

What do these two quotes mean?

Basically, if someone expresses an aversion to being motivated I never try to motivate them again. I don't want anyone to have to deal with something they've indicated they don't like.

That won't stop me from trying to motivate others or posting motivational messages. Most people like them, some tell me they help them, and those numbers are much higher than the numbers of those who don't like them. And, since they're meant to be positive as well as thought provoking, my intentions are good; I can live with it.

Do you run into people who hate motivational messages? Does it make you want to stop trying with everyone, or are you able to rise above the fray? For that matter are you someone who doesn't like motivational messages?