A short post but not necessarily a short video. Actually, it comes in around 8 minutes, but I felt the topic would carry more weight if I spoke rather than wrote about it. Unfortunately, based on my premise in the video I'm not expecting this one to be seen by all that many people but you never know, right?

In essence, I'm lamenting the reality that the health care industry really hasn't embraced the internet yet. I have my reasons for why I say that in the video, but suffice it to say that what I see by visiting hospital websites and what I don't see coming from hospitals says a lot about just how far behind this industry is in catching up with everyone else in the 21st century. It's a shame really because health care was way ahead of most other businesses in the 70's and 80's when it came to using computer technology, and now it's lagging way behind in so many ways that it's shameful.

In any case, I've done this video with my point of view, and I hope some of you watch it and have commentary on it. And if you're in health care, please prove me wrong, but be warned; just because you say what you do doesn't mean that everyone's doing it. 🙂