Social Media

It’s Christmas Day, thus most people have the day off. I decided that instead of digging into something really deep that I’d make the day a bit simpler, since this is also the 25th day in a row of having a post on this blog. I decided to share 5 videos from my business YouTube […]

At one of the hospital I worked at when I was an every day director, at least once a week there was this one employee who used to stop by my office and tell me everything that she had done during that week. I always complimented her and I think it made her feel good, […]

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to elevate my presence on social media. I’ve been doing it in two ways. One way is through Twitter, where I’ve been sharing a lot of articles from this blog and some of my other blogs over and over. I’ve tried to pick what I consider are […]

A short post but not necessarily a short video. Actually, it comes in around 8 minutes, but I felt the topic would carry more weight if I spoke rather than wrote about it. Unfortunately, based on my premise in the video I’m not expecting this one to be seen by all that many people but […]

Something a little bit different here. It seems there are these social media awards called the Shorty Awards that actually have people nominate them for awards in different social media categories and allow people to ask for others to nominate them. Voting ends on February 17th and there is one winner per category. Click the […]