I’ve always wanted to be some kind of writer. When I was young, as in 12 years old, I started writing both a book of poetry and little mini plays based loosely on Star Trek, along with another friend of mine. When I got to college, I continued writing poetry, but I also started writing […]

I like writing these quick hitting posts because sometimes people don’t want to read anything that might take them longer than a couple of minutes. This post will contain 10 communication tips that, if it’s the only thing you read, will take you about 2 minutes, including this paragraph and the next two. Elliott Brown […]

Yasmin Shiraz is proof that there are many quality people you can meet on Twitter and actually get to talk to. Books, movies, speaking engagements, activism… if it’s important, she has something to say about it and she says it well. On my other blog I named her as one of 21 of the Top […]

I have over 800 posts on this blog, and most of the time I write on business topics in areas where I can offer services. I haven’t spent much time talking about myself as it pertains to my business, though. Since I know that the rate of visitors who stop by here to see what […]

When I was young, I had a pretty quick temper. It didn’t take much to get me mad to the point where I wanted to fight someone. Lucky for me, I had learned one major lesson from my dad; never hit anyone first. So I’d shake and I’d threaten but it rarely got physical unless […]