I’ve written over 1,400 articles on this blog over the course of more than 14 years; next month it’ll be 15 years. Over the years, I’ve written in a lot of different categories, but over a third of the articles have been on leadership. My next highest concerns diversity; I’m always interested in talking about […]

Here’s a major truth; all of us likes getting things for free, or for almost nothing. As long as it’s palatable, we’ll accept free food, free drinks, free notepads and pens, free software, even free clothes! If it’s not perfect or what we think it should be, we’ll complain about it if it’s not up […]

No one in health care will ever deny that there are high costs associated with it. Some of them are unavoidable; employees, utilities, etc. jarmoluk / Pixabay With that said, there are a lot of things that could be done to standardize processes or figuring out how to work more efficiently to save on those […]

Last week I decided to take a look through YouTube to see if there were any videos about hospital charge masters. Turns out the answer is pretty much no. I came across one video where a guy was ranting about how the prices on a charge master don’t always match up with what someone actually […]

Whether you’re a physician or a hospital, you’re probably suffering from some kind of issue. That issue is probably affecting both your revenue and cash flow. Unless you have a crack staff, which means you’ve been able to keep all of the people in your facility trained on revenue cycle processes that affect them, something’s […]