I like writing these quick hitting posts because sometimes people don’t want to read anything that might take them longer than a couple of minutes. This post will contain 10 communication tips that, if it’s the only thing you read, will take you about 2 minutes, including this paragraph and the next two. Elliott Brown […]

I often read that one of the biggest fears most people have is speaking in front of others. I’ve never had that problem, even when I was a kid, after I had the lead part in my 2nd grade play. I was also always the kid in class who’d ask the question that I knew […]

Today is the 10th anniversary of my officially starting my business. It came 2 weeks after my last “regular” job ended and I had taken some time to think about it. I actually hadn’t come to the full belief that I was going to end up being self employed, even though I was getting my […]

I have over 800 posts on this blog, and most of the time I write on business topics in areas where I can offer services. I haven’t spent much time talking about myself as it pertains to my business, though. Since I know that the rate of visitors who stop by here to see what […]

For the last few years I’ve popped up some goals for the new year, only to find myself not actually hitting any of those goals. I’ve come close, but no cigar. For instance, if we look at my 2010 goals, we can see that I actually completed one of these, but only on a fluke, […]