Back in August I wrote a post asking people what their ethics were. It didn’t get a lot of attention, but that’s okay; sometimes getting people to actually think about their ethics is a tough sell, almost like talking about diversity. An interesting conversation and then blog post by someone else has come up talking […]

It’s not every day that one ends up in the newspaper, and it’s even more fun to be online. So, I paste this news story on Winning Attitudes, which includes your truly in a small, independent segment, complete with my red office in the background. The picture made me a little bit red also, but […]

I’m always sitting at my computer when I’m home. I feel like my office is my own oasis within my house, my own room of fun. My wife calls my computer “her”, and says I may spend too much time with “her”; she’s probably right. lol However, I can’t say that I’m working every minute […]