I have over 800 posts on this blog, and most of the time I write on business topics in areas where I can offer services. I haven't spent much time talking about myself as it pertains to my business, though. Since I know that the rate of visitors who stop by here to see what I have to say and then visit my other pages to learn more about me is pretty low, I figure that every once in awhile I reserve the right to promote myself.


Back in late November and early December I took some time out to highlight products I've created, and then I did write the eponymous post Who is Mitch Mitchell in the middle of it all. But that was products, not services. Therefore, this is a different way to do a "4 Reasons" list; no one ever said creativity was a liability.

1. You should hire me to do your charge master. This one is specific to hospitals, so if you're not in that industry you can skip to the next one. Why should you hire me? One, my rate is fair. Two, I can do the work as well as the major companies can. Three, sometimes you hire the major companies and they contact me to do the grunt work on the project; why not cut out the middle man? Four, did you know that I helped one facility find more than $730 million extra dollars over the course of a year, and I 20 minutes I helped another hospital find anywhere from $2 to $5 million in lab fees alone? And HCPro loves me!

2. You should hire me to do your leadership training. More than 25% of the posts on this blog have been on this topic, and I wrote my book Embrace The Lead, which you see over there to the left, on this topic. I have people writing me and asking me to review their books on leadership. I have spoken to multiple groups on this topic, as it's one I know well. Let me say this; your company probably needs it, so why not me?

3. You should hire me to be your presenter and speaker at your next event. I've been giving presentations on all sorts of topics since 2001, the year I went into business. I gave a presentation last week, a webinar on Pricing Strategies in Health Care. I gave presentations last year on social media. Earlier this year I gave presentations on both social media and website optimization. And did I mention earlier that HCPro loves me, especially if they can make money off me?

4. You should hire me to write for you. Let's face it, you don't like writing most of the time, but it's a necessary evil in so many ways. I've written articles for myself, for magazines, for other websites and I've got articles listed in ebooks, free and retail. I wrote a regular book and two ebooks. I write for many blogs, with over 800 posts on this one, more than 1,000 on another blog, and I write 2 other blogs for myself and 8 other blogs for other people. I've written web copy and sales copy. I even got to help edit a book by Guy Kawasaki, a multiple times best-selling author. If I'm good enough for Guy I have to be good enough for you.

Enough of that; four reasons why you should hire me, and I could add lots more. But I won't, and tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.