I like writing these quick hitting posts because sometimes people don’t want to read anything that might take them longer than a couple of minutes. This post will contain 10 communication tips that, if it’s the only thing you read, will take you about 2 minutes, including this paragraph and the next two. Elliott Brown […]

I’m the guy who sometimes love creating the “10 Tips In 2 Minutes” posts. While those are popular, it seems that some folks think 10 tips is too many, even if they’re short. So today, I’m only giving 3 tips on communications. They’re very easy to learn but maybe not as easy to do. Actually […]

While trying to come up with the title of this post, I wondered if I should limit it to business communications, since this is a business blog. I decided that it didn’t matter who it was geared toward because communications is a problem we all have with each other, business or not. Bindaas Madhavi via […]