It's Christmas Day, thus most people have the day off. I decided that instead of digging into something really deep that I'd make the day a bit simpler, since this is also the 25th day in a row of having a post on this blog.


I decided to share 5 videos from my business YouTube site that will highlight what my business is about, as well as share a bit of me at the same time. It's always my hope that readers will get more from what I write on this blog, but sometimes videos can help convey some things better. Not only that, but not everything I write and everything I record cover the same things in the same way.

Without further ado let's take a look at some of my videos:

What Is A Hospital Charge Master

This is the very first video on my business channel and also my most watched. It seems no one else had actually ever done a video on what a hospital charge master is; even now I think this is the only video on all of YouTube on the specific subject.

"Listening Only" Leadership

This was my first non-health care video on the site. The title is pretty self explanatory.

Don't Let Other People's Bad Mood Affect You

This is my most viewed non-health care video, a bit of motivation aimed at helping people keep calm when outside forces are trying to bring them down.

Will Racism Ever Go Away?

This is my most viewed video on a diversity topic. Talking about diversity and racism scares a lot of people, so even watching videos on the subject can be hard. Still, I think it's reflective of what's going on and how we can proceed to address this issue as adults.

13 Business Tips From 13 Years In Business

Oddly enough, I give a lot of business advice to people that are looking for information on how to start a business, pitfalls to watch out for, business blogging, and a lot more. On the anniversary of my 13th year in business in 2014, near the end of a month of daily videos, I shared this one in my role as a mentor.