Something a little bit different here. It seems there are these social media awards called the Shorty Awards that actually have people nominate them for awards in different social media categories and allow people to ask for others to nominate them. Voting ends on February 17th and there is one winner per category.

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I decided to ask for some support in getting nominated for a Shorty, and I'm posting this on multiple blogs, slightly changing the wording.

You need to know my Twitter handle to nominate me, which is mitch_m. You also have to have a Twitter account to vote unfortunately, but that's how they track things.

My general pitch for why I feel I deserve to be nominated is because I've written around 2,700 posts on 5 blogs, including just hitting a milestone of #1,200 on one of my other blogs. I've written more than 900 posts on this blog.

I don't expect to win a Shorty because I'm starting too late. The contest started on January 3 and runs through February 17th, so I'm already two weeks behind. The leader in the category already has more than 9,000 votes, and the closest competitor is more than 4 times behind him. However, the person in 10th only has 166 votes, and I think I could finish in the top 10. That's really all I'm shooting for.

It's a little self serving, but if you don't ask... Vote me in for a a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Click to share on Twitter!" href=" nominate %40mitch_m for a Shorty Award in %23blogger because [add reason here]">Shorty; thank you very much! 😉

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