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A few days ago Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, came out with a statement saying that “he could no longer stay silent” with the turmoil going on between black people and the police. Saying that he knows the trauma of losing a family member violently, he donated $1 million […]

Last week I was on LinkedIn for a short visit and decided to click on the Home link to see what some of the folks I’m connected to were sharing. For those who’ve never been to LinkedIn it’s for people who hope to do business with others that might have online profiles and, in my […]

In yesterday’s post, I talked about instigators of stress and briefly how they get into people’s lives and can cause harm. Today I’m going to mention 10 quick and relatively easy ways to help relieve stress. Actually, some might take a bit of introspection, but if you can figure out what’s causing the stress you […]

One of the seminars I do is on the subject of stress, called Take Your Foot Off The Gas. I titled it that because one of the funny things about it is that most people, when they recognize they’re under stress, actually help to escalate it rather than work towards bringing it down. the_steve_cox via […]

Every once in a while I get to thinking that it’s time to make certain types of changes in my life. Sometimes they’re personal changes; sometimes they’re professional changes. I’m sure I’m not alone in this thought. melizards via Compfight What happens when you get to a point when you feel there’s nothing to lose? […]

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