I spend a lot of time telling people that they need to have trust and faith in themselves if they want to succeed in life. I also tell people that if they believe in themselves then it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say; go out and give it a shot. While I still […]

“Be a judge, not a lawyer” – Bob Burg Below is an interview Chris Brogan did with a guy named Bob Burg, who I’d never heard of before but I had heard of his first book The Go-Giver. It’s a book that tells the story of a guy who’s trying to move up in the […]

I’m adding a video to this one as I don’t have to write a lot, and it’s a short video so you won’t hurt yourself by watching it. In essence, in this video I talk about the reality that leaders or people who are put into a leadership position at a certain moment don’t always […]

I’ve written only a few posts on the topic of listening, and it turns out the last one I wrote was back in June of 2008, almost 4 years ago, when I wrote a post titled Try Listening For A Change. I wrote a post in 2007 titled Learn To Shut Up and one in […]

Last weekend I watched the Vince Lombardi biography on HBO and thought it was very nicely done. However, I was paying attention to how he led people as well as what kind of football coach he was, and I was intrigued. I was intrigued because in a way he was like me as a leader […]