Today is my 18th year in business. Considering that most statistics say 95% of small businesses shut down within 3-5 years, I consider myself lucky. It hasn’t always been easy, and the last two years have been extremely tough since I’m the primary caregiver for my mother, who lives with me and has dementia. Yet […]

Last Friday I went to a seminar put on my my consulting group, the Professional Consultant’s Association of Central New York. It was a great presentation by a local guy named Nasir Ali on the topic of entrepreneurship in the 21st century and what Syracuse University and local businesses are doing to try to keep […]

Last week on one of my other blogs I started what will become a series on the topic of marketing one’s business. I put it on that blog because it talks more about things one can do online, and many of the people who visit there think about how they can make money online without […]

This is a different type of blog post that’s highlighting some different kinds of blog posts that are coming over the next six evenings. On my other blog last week I highlighted all of the products I’ve created for all the businesses I do. It’s possible that I’ve written about a product here and there […]

A few weeks ago I decided to take someone up on an offer of helping me in figuring out how to market myself. During the second visit, we began a conversation that made me do some serious thinking on the back end. We were talking about things I could and couldn’t do, and I mentioned […]

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