I’ve been writing this blog since early 2005. Actually, it could be older than that, but I’m going with 2005 for now. I’m on the verge of hitting 800 posts, which isn’t bad but seems a little lame when I compare it to one of my other blogs. But the most important thing is that […]

When I was still a daily employee in my director’s role, I joined the local chapter of a national organization for my profession, which was patient account directors across the country. Locally, there were 8 meetings a year in Syracuse and one big 2-day conference in Alexandria Bay at the time. I wish I could […]

Earlier today I received an email from one of my online friends thanking me for a post I wrote on my other blog titled 8 of the Top Black Individual Blogs. She didn’t write me because she was included, which unfortunately she wasn’t because of the criteria I’d set for inclusion. She wrote because she […]

This morning I went to a seminar called 7 Habits of 7 Highly Successful People, based on the Stephen Covey book 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. Each of the speakers are, of course, very successful people in their own right. One of them is nationally known; the other is probably one of the most […]

(originally published March 3rd, 2005) I’m an independent businessman, and because of that, networking is essential to my business. However, if I were to tell the truth, and I always do, I’d have to say that I’m not the best partier in the world. I love meeting people, and I used to love going out […]

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