Marketing is a funny thing. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the word out about us through a lot of venues. Then we spend some time trying to show some of our expertise where we can, like on this blog. However, every once in awhile, if we're paying attention, we realize that we've forgotten something, even if we're not sure what it is.

by Custom Photogenics

This is one of those times. Something we always hear is how bad it is to assume things. In my case, I guess I've been assuming that people would stop by, read the posts, and decide "hey, let's go check this guy out to see what else he does." Thing is, two weeks ago I remembered on my other blog that you sometimes have to ask people to look at certain things and to recognize you for something.

It seems that the last time I tried to tell anyone about myself as far as my business is concerned was April 29th, 2006, and that's only because it was a repost of an original article from February 22, 2005 because my original host had crashed and I needed to get my content back online via a different host. Sure, over the years I've talked about a portion of something I do here and there, but true marketing means that every once in awhile I should be letting people know who I am, or at least working on my personal brand. I mean, I haven't talked about myself in the Twitter era; that's a shame, and how much business might I have lost because I haven't done that?

Time to rectify that, in my own way of course. My name is Mitch Mitchell, and I'm the second most popular Mitch Mitchell on the internet; maybe the 3rd. lol Not only that, but it seems that the number one guy, who was Jimi Hendrix's drummer, had a different first name as well. My company is called T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, which was probably apparent because of the image above.

The corporation allows me to do multiple things, some of which I do under this banner, some of which I do under other names. Why do I do so many different things? If you're really interested in the motivation part I'll refer you to this post on reinventing oneself to save some time.

There are two main divisions under the T. T. Mitchell Consulting name, not counting SEO Xcellence. One division is health care finance, revenue cycle. That means nothing to most people who aren't in health care, but basically I help hospitals bring money in so they can survive, as well as help them find revenue that might be sitting under their noses. I concentrate mostly on what's known as charge master and charge capture issues, but I have consulted in all areas of the revenue cycle. And I'll say this; I'm pretty good at it.

I'm not going much deeper than what I've said here, but you can check out some of the links I provided to learn more. I will say that if more hospitals or health care entities used search engines to look for people who do what I do I'd be getting a lot more calls, since I come up number one on Google for "charge master consulting."

The other division is in employee issues, no matter if you're the CEO or a regular daily employee. As you've seen from most of my product descriptions this week I tackle topics on leadership and management, customer service, diversity, and other employee issues. I've gone into a couple of companies for training, but I'm much more comfortable with seminars, presentations, or webinars for these events. I also provide executive coaching for those folks who'd rather not be in a group setting. I've had a lot of fun with this, traveling to 8 different states to provide these seminars and the like, and of course I write mainly about these topics on this blog and my newsletter.

I also have some other blogs and sites. Most specifically I'd like to mention my social media/blogging/almost anything I can think of blog called I'm Just Sharing, my most popular blog. I also have Medical Billing Answers, which pretty much tells you what it's about. And finally there's Top Finance Blog, which talks about financial issues and offers lots of personal finance advice.

Add to all of that topics such as motivation and speaking engagements on multiple topics, and I believe I offer many services of value if I'm given the chance to help. I've even done some business consulting when asked, and so far everyone I've assisted has increased business and income; I probably need to listen to myself more often as well.

Anyway, that's who Mitch Mitchell the consultant is. Need more? Check out my About page, check out my website, check out my other blog, or send me an email. I thank you for your time on this wonderful 1st Friday of the last month of the year.