Years ago I was reading HealthLeaders Magazine, where they were talking about all the different things hospitals across the country are trying to do to make the hospital experience better for patients. Some of the things were pretty good while others were more for the benefit of the hospital than the patient, no matter how […]

I guess it’s been more than 4 years since I’ve written an article more for the rights of patients than talking to those who are already in health care, although when I talked about hospital charges I’m betting that most people working at hospitals don’t know much of this stuff either. ReSurge International via Compfight […]

I talk a lot about leadership on this blog but I’m also a health care finance consultant that concentrates on charge master issues. What this means is that I help hospitals look at their charges to see if they’re coded properly, being priced fairly, and are being captured properly so that they know they’re capturing […]

Because I’m in health care, I’ve been reading a lot of things lately that talk about how health care is going to take a tumble in these bad economic days, and how many people are falling into debt because they can’t pay their bills, hospital bills being big among those debts. There are many truths […]