People dump all over health care when it comes to pricing and billing. Truth be told, the process of capturing charges should be easy… but it’s not. The process of telling patients how much they might owe on their medical bill should be relatively easy… but it’s not. World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight It’s […]

I don’t consider myself a hospital advocate, a patient advocate, or even a health care advocate. Sure, I take those roles on from time to time, but what I really consider myself is an information advocate, trying to remain fair and balanced while giving out information that’s true, no matter which way it goes. There […]

First, the latest T. T. Mitchell Consulting Newsletter, Credibility, and the latest Healthcare Newsletter, Three Things, are now available. cobalt123 via Compfight Because I’m in health care, I’ve been reading a lot of things lately that talk about how health care is going to take a tumble in these bad economic days, and how many […]

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