There are times when certain news stories touch me more than others. The same happens with scenes in some movies. I had a period where I’d be crying all the time when I saw these things, for a few years after my dad passed away. It took a long while to gain better control over […]

It was hard to miss, even from my office. The words were unmistakable: “I’m sorry you feel that way sir; have a nice life!” Slam! I got up slowly from my desk and walked into the other room. I recognized the voice, and I was surprised because she was usually one of the calmest people […]

Last week in Kansas City one of their football players shot and killed his girlfriend, the mother of their 3-month old daughter. Then he went to the practice facility where he encountered the head coach and the general manager, had a conversation with them, thanked them and then, as he walked away, shot himself in […]

By the time you see this post I’ll be on my way out of town to see my mother, grandmother, and my grandmother’s brother. My grandmother is in a nursing home, something I think I’ve talked about before. You know, I’ve been in health care more than 28 years now, and though this isn’t the […]