My most viewed YouTube video is a review I did comparing Verizon FiOS to Time Warner Cable, with over 17,000 views. My second most watched video is also about Verizon FiOS with over 6,600 views, where I talked about trying to get my 2nd phone line in and all the issues we were having at […]

I don’t really have any nicknames, which suits me fine. My grandfather called me something different, which was great because he was my grandfather and the only one who ever used it. My mother and father had a name they called me; parents do that. And there was this group of ladies in college who […]

Who remembers the 2nd Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan? My favorite “human” character of all time, Mr. Spock, twice uttered this wonderful phrase: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. One time Kirk uttered “or the one”. Pranav Bhatt via Compfight Throughout all my years in management, I always took […]

Last week in Kansas City one of their football players shot and killed his girlfriend, the mother of their 3-month old daughter. Then he went to the practice facility where he encountered the head coach and the general manager, had a conversation with them, thanked them and then, as he walked away, shot himself in […]

One of the things I felt I was great at as a director was figuring out what was best for the organization overall from my department. In other words, though I wanted accuracy, if I had to weigh perfection against bringing in consistently high dollars I went for the consistency. In my opinion, it was […]

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