Some years ago an online friend of mine talked about having gone to the gym. While there, this guy came in wearing very strong cologne. She said it made her gag and that she didn’t understand why he was wearing so much. Enokson via Compfight I knew the answer, even if I’d never gone that […]

There must be something with me thinking about empathy and snow at this time of year, even though the last time I wrote about it was in 2010. Strangely enough, many of the circumstances are the same; too much snow in some places, icy cold in others, or barely snow and ice in many places […]

There are times when certain news stories touch me more than others. The same happens with scenes in some movies. I had a period where I’d be crying all the time when I saw these things, for a few years after my dad passed away. It took a long while to gain better control over […]

Something you often hear motivational types talking about is the concept that, for almost everyone, whatever problem you have someone has it worse, and that if you could see things in those terms you’d realize that at least you have a chance to make things better for yourself and push forward. In some respects that’s […]

Over the past couple of days, the northeast has been pounded by a blizzard. We’ve been hearing reports of mainly snowfall between 8 and 12 inches, although a few places have had more than that. As strange as this might seem to the masses, it’s hard for anyone living in my area to have much […]