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I gave a presentation on the above topic in 2005, then again in 2009, but I geared it towards hospitals and health care. That’s because I know from personal interaction that hospitals are pretty bad at this, no matter how much every administrator I’ve ever mentioned it to tries to say it’s not true. If […]

A few weeks ago there was a CNN poll conducted that, for many people, was illuminating. The only part of it illuminating for me was that the numbers weren’t more severe. The first number was that 49% of the American population thought racism was a big problem. This number is higher than after the O.J. […]

It’s two days after the United States celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day, and yet a lot of what I saw wasn’t celebratory at all. There seemed to be a lot more hate than I could stomach online, from Sarah Palin (who probably doesn’t realize her hate anymore) to what was being said about Richard […]

A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with someone I know on Facebook, but not all that well. It came about because of a response by a transgendered young lady to President Obama’s inauguration speech where he talked about inclusion of gays and lesbians. She wondered why he didn’t mention transgendered people, […]

Years ago I did a presentation to a health care group on the subject of diversity. It went pretty well except for maybe a 3 minute period where there was a breakdown in belief that highlighted exactly what I was talking about. It wasn’t pretty but it was able to be handled fairly quickly so […]