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I once read an editorial printed in a local newspaper on the “racism” of diversity. I have to admit that I was stunned by the title, then as I read the article I got angry, then had to take a step back. The overall idea of diversity at its core is that every person gets […]

The February issue of Black Enterprise magazine had an interesting report on black board members of major corporations. I have to admit that I’ve never thought about how many black people might be on major corporate boards before, only looking at the sparsity of black CEOs, or minority CEOs for that matter, in the Fortune […]


I was going through a blog written by a gentleman named Tom McMahon, a conservative who I don’t often agree with but still enjoy looking at from time to time, and he had this one entry which was talking about a news story where a writer named Jonah Goldberg, a writer for the National Review, […]

All of the Star Trek incarnations lead to being my favorite TV show of all time. That I’ve never written a total leadership post about it makes me want to smack myself in the face. I wrote an articles saying we aren’t the Borg, and I was inspired to write a post on ethics after […]

Years ago I wrote an article titled Why Hospital CFOs Don’t Hire CDM Consultants. I wrote it because I’ve seen and read about a lot of bad advice that’s been given to facilities and companies that hurt them way more than helped. Being an independent consultant, I couldn’t let something like that keep occurring without […]