I’ve written about hospital charge masters in many of my articles on health care. I wrote a one paragraph explanation about charge masters years ago, but it’s not close to being sufficient. This particular article on charge masters is actually a repurposed article that I wrote back in 2011, but search engines don’t include older […]

Every two weeks I sit down and sort out my mother’s pills into a pill case. I do the same thing for myself, but it’s a much different thing. I only have two prescription pills; everything else is a supplement. Mom has 6 prescription pills, some two a day, some only morning, some only evening. […]

Once again I’m packing up my hotel room so I can move everything to the main office and then go home once again for what always feels like a very short weekend. I absolutely hate the process of packing up my room, but last year I was paying for time that I wasn’t here and […]

I’ve had a number of conversations about different topics lately with different people. In each case though, the conversation turned to just who should be making the decisions on the particular issue. The problem in all cases was that the person that had been making decisions for either the departments or areas were people that […]