“You can’t just hide and act like nothing’s going on.” “Sure I can.” “Don’t you care about what’s happening?” “Not really, because there’s nothing I can do. I have no power; minorities have no power. I did my part; now I’m done.” “I’m not giving up. I’m going to fight for the next 4 years.” […]

When you were a regular employee, you pretty much knew the job you had to do. You had specific duties that had been laid out, you were taught in a straight forward manner how to perform them, and that’s what you did. Day after day you did the same exact thing with few deviations, relied […]

I remember a time many years ago when I was working with a health care group out of state. They brought me in to do an assessment of their charge capture process throughout a 2-hospital system. I’d been working on the project for about two weeks, and things had been going fairly well. Come the […]

Why yes it is my 12th anniversary of blogging; thanks for noticing! Although I always highlight the post I write from the previous anniversary year, I rarely go back and share the post that started it all. It was a humble beginning that, because of circumstances, I had to do a second time. I explained […]

Leadership is easy; no it’s not. Leadership is hard; no it’s not. Even though I put together a book titled Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy, truth be told, the hardest parts of being a leader should be the easiest ways to deal with it. What really makes leadership hard is the pressure to perform and deal with […]

I often say that not all managers are leaders. They’re supposed to be, but they’re not. They either don’t have the skills to do it properly or don’t care as long as they think they can get what they want. I say it that way because sometimes they do… but it’s never sustaining. It’s not […]

Thirteen days ago, while I was at my mother’s house, we got a visit from a social worker. I had just recently got in touch with Visiting Nurses to obtain some services for my mother, whose mental health had been slipping over the course of months. It reached a point where I thought she needed […]