In all my years of being either an employee, leader or consultant, the one thing I believed to be consistent was that eventually I’d be able to work with almost anyone. No one gets there 100% of the time unless they’re the ultimate leader; even then they might get lip service and be ignored once […]

You know why I think I’m a good consultant? There’s actually more than one reason. First, I know I know my stuff when it comes to whatever I’m consulting on; otherwise I don’t accept the assignment. Second, I’m good with people I’m consulting with if they’re willing to work with me. Jiuck via Compfight Over […]

Today is my 13th year in business as T. T. Mitchell Consulting; the incorporated part came in 2006. Last year I was a day late and only had 3 leadership lessons that, as I look back on it, weren’t really leadership lessons but more motivational lessons. I was also more under a time gun last […]

I refused to watch the Republican National Convention last week, and I’m refusing to watch the Democratic National Convention as well. For the most part I’ve tried to stay away from politics, although that’s not as easy to do as it sounds since I do come at things from a liberal, albeit not radical, position. […]

One of the difficulties anyone who’s any kind of manager faces is that your job depends on others to make you look good or bad. Your employees can make you look like a genius, even if the best thing that happened was that you inherited them. At the same time, just because someone is good […]

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