In all my years of being either an employee, leader or consultant, the one thing I believed to be consistent was that eventually I’d be able to work with almost anyone. No one gets there 100% of the time unless they’re the ultimate leader; even then they might get lip service and be ignored once […]

The last article I wrote on the topic of leadership was my 1,400th post on this blog. I said I had 28 leadership and management lessons I wanted to share and decided to break it up so the article wouldn’t be like a tome. Therefore, this is part 2 of 28 original lessons, and not […]

This is going to be an article giving 14 lessons on leadership and management; my next article will give 14 more lessons on the same topic. I mention this piece for SEO’s sake, because bloggers are supposed to mention what the topic’s going to be in the opening paragraph. I don’t do that often; I’ll […]

Continuing on my quest in promoting my latest book Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy shamelessly, which also includes following up on an article I wrote two posts ago titled Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy, The Standalone Book & The Answer…, I thought I’d give some ways that could make leadership easy for folks who don’t get it. Because I […]

I started my own meme on my blogs yesterday with the above topic; well, in general the above topic. I tend to write fairly long posts, but I decided to try something a little different in writing a post that should only take the average reader 2 minutes at best. I’ve tackled blogging and finances […]

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