Years ago I wrote an article that’s sitting on my main website titled Misperceptions And Expectations Of The Charge Master / Revenue Review Process. It’s not necessarily meant for the general public; it’s meant for people in health care who I try to market my services to, people who should know these things but don’t… […]

My friend Carl, who responds to a lot of posts here, made a statement last week that I found intriguing. He said “I think that every leader should know at least 5% more than any team member”. I disagreed of sorts, but I’ve been thinking about that comment ever since, which leads me to this […]

Whether you’re a physician or a hospital, you’re probably suffering from some kind of issue. That issue is probably affecting both your revenue and cash flow. Unless you have a crack staff, which means you’ve been able to keep all of the people in your facility trained on revenue cycle processes that affect them, something’s […]