I remember reading an article in Discover Magazine years ago where there was a story on brain patterns and the speed of thinking. The person who the story was about, Dr. Antonio Damasio (department head of neurology at the University of Iowa at the time), made some interesting statements that worked to explain how people […]

Last week there was a story in our local news about one of the hospitals in town. Seems they’re in a horrible financial position, where they showed a loss of almost $18 million in the first half of the year due to depreciation, supplies, interest and other costs. Wesley Hetrick via Compfight That’s always scary […]

Back in June I wrote a post here titled 10 Leadership Tips In 2 Minutes. Recently someone wrote a comment on that post saying that she believed a person needed to have enough confidence to be able to do most of the tips and wondered what they’d do if they didn’t have that kind of […]

My friend Carl, who responds to a lot of posts here, made a statement last week that I found intriguing. He said “I think that every leader should know at least 5% more than any team member”. I disagreed of sorts, but I’ve been thinking about that comment ever since, which leads me to this […]

A couple of weeks ago I came home from giving a presentation, only to learn that the speaker for another organization whose board I’m on had to cancel because of a family emergency. I was the one who’d gotten the speaker, so I said I’d step up and give a presentation on web optimization. They […]