For close to 3 weeks I pretty much put business on hold as I went to work trying to get all of my websites and blogs not only mobile friendly but drive up their mobile speed, which was atrocious. The traffic for all of my sites had dropped drastically, and all of them started dropping […]

My friend Carl, who responds to a lot of posts here, made a statement last week that I found intriguing. He said “I think that every leader should know at least 5% more than any team member”. I disagreed of sorts, but I’ve been thinking about that comment ever since, which leads me to this […]

I’m a pretty consistent person. By that, I mean that I’m fairly stable in my demeanor and life as far as my emotions and actions go. I don’t get overly happy or upset on a regular basis. I go through my days pretty much the same with some ups here and downs there. When I […]