Last week on one of my other blogs I started what will become a series on the topic of marketing one’s business. I put it on that blog because it talks more about things one can do online, and many of the people who visit there think about how they can make money online without […]

Whenever I do any kind of coaching, I usually try to ask questions to get people to give me answers that I figure they know already. It doesn’t always work that way, but for the most part it works pretty well. I start with that statement because there’s a sharp divide among coaches as to […]

I’ve been working with a friend of mine lately on some of her business goals and personal dreams in my capacity as a business coach and consultant. This isn’t usually the type of thing I do, but I find that it’s sometimes easier to help someone else analyze their business and make positive strides with […]

One of the services I provide is business coaching, but with a qualification. I don’t coach people on how to run their businesses; I’m not a financial wizard. Instead, I coach and motivate people within their businesses on how to work with others, time management, or general encouragement and motivation. Now, someone might ask why […]