I was reading an article titled How To Measure And Develop Great Leaders. It was a pretty interesting, though short, article that talked about the need to help potential leaders, once you assess them, to learn how leadership actually works so that when they’re ready they won’t have to go through the challenges that most […]

Every once in a while, I’ve needed to listen to who I call the “big loud guy”.  Most of the time it really is a big loud guy, bigger than I am in most cases (and I’m not small) and louder than me. That’s going a long way because I’ve been told that I can […]

Mentoring seems to be the thing on my mind lately. So much so that I wrote an article on LinkedIn about it last week. It also follows up my 2013 post on the subject and my original post from 2006. Yup, I’ve been blogging a long time. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – PNNL via Compfight […]

It’s funny how fast time flies by. It seems that I haven’t talked about the subject of mentoring since 2006, and in actuality it was 2005 when I wrote my original article on the subject; ouch! I figure it’s time to bring it up again, only 8 years late. lol Thompson Rivers University via Compfight […]

Whenever I do any kind of coaching, I usually try to ask questions to get people to give me answers that I figure they know already. It doesn’t always work that way, but for the most part it works pretty well. I start with that statement because there’s a sharp divide among coaches as to […]