In general terms, there are two types of people who help others; people who help because it makes them feel good and people who are looking to get something out of it. I say in general because it also depends on who and what the person is and what’s expected of them. RoyalAnwar via Pixabay […]

One of the best things about writing a blog for as long as I’ve been writing one is that I have lots of stories that I get to rehash, either because I’ve forgotten I’ve already talked about it or it’s in an old article that I know no one’s probably ever going to read unless […]

Is it a question of privilege? That’s what I find myself asking sometimes when I see someone who, even if they’re not rich and don’t have the easiest of lives, complaining that someone worse off than them is getting something that, in their minds, they don’t deserve. karlhans via Compfight Last night it was someone […]

I hate looking at myself in the mirror; just one of those things I suppose. Where this gets problematic is when I have to put on business clothing, whether it’s in the morning or not, and I haven’t noticed that something is amiss. Lisa B via Compfight Recently my issue has been in not remembering […]

You never know when someone will give you an accolade, and sometimes you don’t know why they’re giving it to you. In this case I know why, and I’m glad I did it. paul stumpr via Compfight My friend Steve Borek, a certified life and leadership coach, just wrote a blog post after hitting the […]