Today marks the 13th year of blogging, but since it’s this blog that I’ve reached 13 years, I’m calling it business blogging instead of regular blogging. First, I’ll take a moment for myself; few people reach 5 years these days, let alone 13. Enough of that. My original plan was to write a post like […]

It had to come eventually and today is the day; yay! Mitch’s Blog, aka the blog of T. T. Mitchell Consulting Inc, has hit 10 years of existence. Of course, multiple times I’ve told the story of this blog, how I didn’t know what I was doing, how some posts were really just quick thoughts, […]

Yes, you read that correctly; this is the 1,000th post on Mitch’s Blog, and of course he am I (and yes, I said that like that on purpose lol). It’s taken me just under 7 1/2 years to reach this number, but I’ve written more posts in the last 3 years by almost a 2-1 […]

Wow, this is a major league milestone day. There’s a lot of anniversaries that touch this date, some good, some bad, and today’s also the day, with this post, that I hit #900. When I hit #800 back in March I thought I would hit this figure in 4 or 5 months; instead, it took […]

This is something different for me, at least on this blog. Over the past couple of months, there have been a couple of free ebooks released talking about blogging, motivation, business, and life, all tied into each other. If you’re out of the blogging loop in general you may have missed out on these, but […]