It had to come eventually and today is the day; yay!

Mitch's Blog, aka the blog of T. T. Mitchell Consulting Inc, has hit 10 years of existence. Of course, multiple times I've told the story of this blog, how I didn't know what I was doing, how some posts were really just quick thoughts, how I lost it & my website and had to start it all again from scratch after recovering many early posts... Ah, the tales I could tell!


Of course, there's the one disappointing thing about this blog. While it's actually gotten me a speaking engagement and was listed on Robert Kiyosaki's Alltop site> (which was a major honor until he sold it to someone else), it's never generated the kind of interest that my I'm Just Sharing blog has.

Maybe it's because I've written fewer articles on this site (around 1,180 to almost 1,600). Maybe it's because the topics here, related to business issues for the most part, aren't as sexy as blogging, social media, or just my thoughts about all sorts of things.

Regardless, I've now been plowing along at it for as long as I wrote my business newsletter. The biggest difference is that I ended the newsletter, while I have no intention of stopping this any time soon. Sorry to those of you who just might wish it would go away. lol

I came into this post with all sorts of thoughts about what to write on. Should I do a "10 things about..." type of post? Nah; I did a 13 leadership lessons post in June, followed by a 13 business lessons post in July highlighting my 13 years in business. In 2014 I even wrote a post highlighting the fact that I'd hit over 4,500 posts on all my blogs and other blogs I've written combined; whew!

Instead, I thought I'd highlight some of the most popular posts on this blog over the years, including only one from 2014 (where my peeps at?) and one from the year I actually started posting articles on this blog after my server crashed in 2006.

So, below are 15 posts; hey, I'm trying to deliver more value here okay? 🙂 I have no idea why these caught on and others didn't but I'll take what I can get. I'm not going to say a lot about any of these; I might not even say something about all of them, though I'm not sure yet.

They are what they are, and they cover the gamut of what I do, as well as one personal post. With that said, let's look at these 15:

10 Reasons Harry Potter Is A Great Leader; this is my most popular post ever! Since I write it in 2011 it's always at the top of the list each month; probably because of Harry Potter and not my brilliance. 🙂

me smiling

Ten Affirmations; I wrote this post in 2006 so it's the oldest on the list. I started getting into affirmations in 2004 and I believe this was the first time I'd written about it. This post came after I added all those posts I'd lost and had to recover.

True Courage, Courtesy of My Great Grandmother; this is the only post from 2014 and proves that people really do love posts that tell a story.

RAC Audits; A Commentary; I wrote this post in 2008 and it still gets lots of visits after many years. For those of you not in health care RAC audits are audits of hospitals by contracted companies looking for what they deem is billing fraud; hospitals don't like it one bit. One of 3 posts that have received the most comments ever, though that's not really saying much when compared to my other blog...

Black People Are Too Sensitive?; written in 2010, a guy wrote me saying black people were too sensitive about things based on a customer service issue I was having, I debated it with another guy for a bit, then the original guy stopped by and we settled the difference; still, it was a bit of fun. Tied for most comments ever...

Can Self Help Really Help?; written in 2012, the third article tied for the most comments...

The Biggest Cause Of Leadership Failure; can you guess before you check it out? Written in 2011

When You’re Not Respected As A Professional; a post I wrote in 2011 when all I was trying to do was get paid for services. I eventually was...

Why Do Restaurants Get Customer Service Right?; I eat out often so in 2011 I wondered why they get it right when so many companies mess it up badly.

Think Like You’re Awesome!; motivational post I wrote in 2011

How To Deal With A “Yeller”; I hate people who feel they have the right to yell at someone because they're in charge and wrote about it in 2011

10 Customer Service Lessons In 2 Minutes; written in 2012 because people like quick & easy things to read sometimes

10 Motivational Points In 2 Minutes; ditto to the above, in 2012

What Is A Charge Master?; written in 2011, it's a health care thing that lists every procedure, supply & pharmaceutical hospitals and doctors can charge for, pre-coded to make the process go smoother. If you want more information, which you probably don't, check out this link, where you can watch my most popular video ever (it just hit 1,000 views lol) that's talking about the subject.

Why Managers Treat Employees Badly; written in 2011, pretty self explanatory.

Will I be around for another 10 years of blogging? Well, I'm 55 1/2, and since I don't plan on retiring any time soon (unless I get that $10 million in the bank that I'm striving for), it's possible... 😉