Yes, you read that correctly; this is the 1,000th post on Mitch's Blog, and of course he am I (and yes, I said that like that on purpose lol). It's taken me just under 7 1/2 years to reach this number, but I've written more posts in the last 3 years by almost a 2-1 ratio and that's how I got to this point eventually.

When I first started blogging, I did so because I'd read where it was a good thing to have a business blog so you could show your expertise in an area while also building up your SEO prospects for your blog. The thing is, I didn't start out writing all that often or all that well. Like many newbies, I thought if I just put up something here and there that things would work out okay.

That failed for two reasons. One, I almost never commented on any other blogs, so I had very few visitors. Two, after a little more than a year, the host I had my blog on totally crashed and burned and I lose everything. I had to decide at that time if I was going to keep doing the blog or not, and after a few days I decided to continue, especially since I learned how to go and retrieve all my previous blog posts.

This is where the story changes up a bit. See, it turns out I actually had around 150 posts in that previous period of time. Some were really bad, and I decided not to put those back. Some of the rest were short, but they'd meant something to me when I'd originally posted them so I put those back anyway. The thing is that I posted them all in one day, and in retrospect maybe I could have taken some of those and added them daily or over time instead. Lessons learned, right? Anyway, if I'd brought back everything I'd be saying that I hit 1,000 posts earlier than now, but I think I'm more proud of how I ended up doing it.

It probably took a little while for me to really decide what I wanted to do with this blog. Sure, I wanted it to help raise my internet presence, but I wasn't sure I was helping anyone on a consistent basis. That's when I really started to write, and, well, here we are, years later at 1,000.

I thought about trying to go back and do a favorite 10 posts list, but I'm going to go a different way instead. I want to talk about the future, if I may.

I love blogging, so I'll continue to do it; heck, I do have 5 blogs after all. And I love trying to help with lessons and motivation on all the things I do, so that will continue.

But it's also time to talk more about business, as in what I can do for all the different folks out there. One of my friends, Steve Borek of End Game Business is new to blogging, and already knows how to use his blog to promote what he does, as he's a life and business coach, but I feel that after 7 years I'm still learning the game. I'm good at helping others do it; not so good at doing it myself.

Young tired me 🙂

So, you may see a few more self serving posts coming here and there. However, I was talking to another friend of mine, Adrienne, who does business through her blog, and she was telling me that there has to be a mind shift. She asked me two important questions:

1) Do you know that what you do can help people?

2) Don't you have a powerful message that can help people help themselves?

Great stuff, right? That's another thing about leaders; even if they're not in leadership positions they can lead others to figuring things out about themselves, sometimes without trying. And that's really what I always hope to be about; leadership lessons, diversity lessons, customer service lessons, health care lessons, and of course motivation. And if you ever have questions you want answered, or topics you want me to cover, just click on my Contact page, see the email there, and send me an email, and if I can I'll address it in a post.

That's it. Happy 1,000th to me, and if I can talk my wife into it I'm having cake. If not, then it'll be a small ice cream cone. And then, I'll rest like the picture above. 🙂