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(originally published October 13th, 2005) I usually go about my business thinking two things in general. One, I believe people are inherently good, but sometimes do bad things. Two, I believe people are generally intelligent, just not at everything. It’s this second one that probably gets me the most frustrated, and one that all leaders […]

(originally published August 22nd, 2005) I’m on a quest to become a millionaire in the next five years. To this end, I’ve started reading a number of books that talk about how becining a millionaire isn’t dependent upon what you do as much as how you think about money, having money, being rich, and how […]


(originally published October 1st, 2005) I may have mentioned before that I participate in an online networking group called Ryze. Earlier today, I was reading a message to one group where the person, a website designer, was being asked by her client to set up the page so that people could sign up membership, but […]

(originally published July 2nd, 2005) Yesterday I had to stop by UPS on the way home to pick up a package that they had tried to deliver a couple of days in a row. I was out of town, and my wife was at work, so she called and told them I would be coming. […]

(originally published October 4th, 2005) Last week William Bennett, the former Secretary of Education under Bush Sr, said a very bad thing on his radio show that I’m not going to repeat. It made headlines, kind of, for a day and then it disappeared. He didn’t apologize; didn’t even see why he had to apologize, […]