As it’s the new year, like always I try to set a precedent for something to change in the coming year. It’s always based on a change I want in my life, something that helps me push forward in some way to address an issue I feel I have. Len Matthews via Compfight The particular […]

At the last regular job I had, I think I can easily say that the last year and a half I was there was pretty stressful. I’m not going to go into a lot of details lamenting how unfair things were or how I felt put upon. Instead, I’m going to jump directly to one […]

(originally published July 2nd, 2005) Yesterday I had to stop by UPS on the way home to pick up a package that they had tried to deliver a couple of days in a row. I was out of town, and my wife was at work, so she called and told them I would be coming. […]

(originally published May 12th, 2005) Tonight could have been one of those nights that bring complaints for a long time. I was coming home from the downstate area of New York this evening. My car had started making a noise that it had made four weeks earlier, but the service department at the dealership assured […]